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KGW deal with following areas:

Own KGW brands sales and development. Company’s portfolio has more than 10 own brands, which were developed on a base of detailed market analysis. The company’s specialists make research regularlyto find new worldwide trends to enhance and/or optimize the product portfolio. Brand sales are growing despire of market decrease. The most well-known brands on the market are TM Didi Godori, Patagonia de Chili, Amore Frutti and others.

Distribution. Company’s location enabled to chose any convenient form of transport: sea transport, air, rail and road. Compan’sspecialists optimize delivery, that allows and make it cheaper

Private Label creation.KGW has more than 3 years’ experience in Private Label production and creation. This trade marks entered the market successfully and had occupied a niche in Ukraine and intrernational market.

Export. KGW has achieved good results in export market for a such short period of time. The company exports alcoholic beverages in the United States, Eastern Europe and Asia.

Marketing support. Employees KGW perform customer support on all stages — from the creation of the product and during market sales.

High-level experts provide their advices and create a product that will have demand on the target market.

We also regularly support product promotion on the market.