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KGW production and quality control

Manufacturing is located in in an ecologically clean area of Ukraine — in the Kherson region.
KGW was included in the TOP 10 manufacturers in Ukraine. Share among manufacturers is growing every year.


KGW business model has combined historic heritage and innovation. Grape skill traditions inspire us, filling our soul with wine. A modern technology, innovation and professionalism help us to achieve high results. Our factory is equipped with modern Italian line technology  where is used  cryo maceration, temperature control of aging wine, malolactic fermentation, cold bottling.

logo-iso-22000KGW production is certified by  ISO 22000: 2005 — «The management system in the field of food safety and food products.»

In the company  it is  introduced the 5-step system of quality control :

1Quality control wine purchasing from suppliers

2Quality control of components

3Monitoring compliance of  technology 

4Quality control at the stage of filling, capping

5Quality control of finished products

The company purchases high quality raw materials from reliable, reputable suppliers in the world. Our laboratory can assess accurately  the characteristics of each sample, control carefully the finished product quality.

Our experts have serious skills, experience in the wine industry, including foreign. Employees of the company  constantly train abroad, invite foreign colleagues to us for an experience exchange.