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Kamyanka Global Wine Green office

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An office is more than just a place where work gets done. It is a hub where people come together to share talents and create tangible value. That’s why Kamyanka Global Wine office resembles a small comfortable oasis.

Our company try to create the most favorable atmosphere, which makes for good mood, activity, creativity, and our employees’ new ideas. Therefore, there are lots of plants, an aquarium in our office, one can hear birds singing and smell fragrant oils. Office open-space design favors close communication between employees.

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One can say a lot about Kamyanka Global Wine corporate spirit judging by the office look. We are surrounded by posters that inspire our employees, clients and partners.


But that isn’t all! Special attention is paid to promote healthy lifestyle.

In our opinion, that only these, not quite usual for Ukraine approaches will contribute to efficient work, team building and great future development prospects both for our workers and our company in the market, which are interdependent concepts.