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Kamyanka Global Wine developed a new brand of vodka — TM Royal Heritage.


Vodka Royal Heritage is a revival of traditional strong drink. Its production is based on 19th century vodka recipe, which was made special for the royal family, senior government officials and Russian jet set of that epoch. All the components of luxury spirit are only cereals. The alcohol has passed seven steps of distillation.


Royal Heritage «Silver»
(500 ml, 700 ml, 1000 ml)
Color: absolutely transparent with glitter.
Aroma: affluent, grain complex with notes of wheat.
Taste: very soft, spicy, full-bodied, with a hint of fresh white bread.
Aftertaste: long, smooth and elegant.
Alcohol content: 40%


Royal Heritage «Gold»
(500 ml, 700 ml, 1000 ml)
Color: perfectly transparent, crystal
Aroma: in light rounded flavor felt wheat notes with a hint of sweet roll
Taste: it has stunningly mild flavor
Aftertaste: long, smooth elegant district.
Alcohol content: 38%